Spyware Adware

Spyware Adware

How To Protect Yourself From Spyware Adware

With so many millions of people using computers for business -- both personal and work related -- information gathering, and just all around fun, it is no wonder that there are elements of our society who would like to cash in on this activity in a nefarious way. Enter the creators and code writers of spyware adware.

Having been around since almost the advent of Internet browsing, spyware is a malicious piece of software that is typically downloaded on to an unsuspecting user's computer as a bundle with a legitimate software download, such as peer-to-peer file sharing networks.

Since the spyware adware is added to your computer without your knowledge, unless you do some kind of anti-spyware adware scan and removal, you may not know it exists on your hard drive. Given that this is a form of data mining software, having this on your computer can lead to all kinds of problems.

Some people think that they have a virus on their computer with the way the spyware adware behaves sometimes. For instance, it can change your home page, scan the files in your hard drive, scan other programs on your computer and can even install other spyware applications. However, unlike a virus, spyware does not typically replicate itself so once you have removed the offending software and any traces of it in your system's registry, you should be free and clear.

In order to remove the spyware adware, you will need to download anti-spyware software that will scan your computer seeking out the unacceptable programs. Once the scan is complete you will be able to see, via the scan log, just how far into your system the spyware adware has gotten and do any damage control necessary in order to protect yourself.

After the initial cleaning of your computer, you can take steps to prevent additional spyware adware from infecting your computer in the future. Primarily, read all user agreements for any downloads you may wish to put on your computer. Spyware adware traditionally piggy backs in on these seemingly innocuous programs only to reek havoc once they are in.

Also, avoid downloading from any site whose certificates have expired and if you have to, make sure you trust the content. Once you have taken these precautions, you should scan your computer every month to make sure any malicious software remains at bay.


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