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What is Adware and How to Get Rid of It

By Alex Ryan
You probably have adware or spyware on your computer without even realizing it. Most people don't know what adware is, how it gets onto their computers, or what it does once it is installed. If you have used the internet, you have almost certainly been exposed to adware, and if you have downloaded any shareware or freeware, you are likely already infected.

I Think I Have Spyware, Adware on My Computer - How May I Have Gotten It?

By Scott Lee Brown
A quick and too the point article on how to first determine if you have intrusive adware/spyware programs on your computer. An introduction to the what, who, and whens of spyware.

Adware 2008

By Jesse Miller
The three most feared words in the PC community is usually the words spyware, adware and Mal ware. All three are malicious and will easily slow down your PC and cause many of the issues to happen to your CPU system.

Finding a Totally Free Adware Remover

By John Pearson
New forms of malicious Spyware and Adware are constantly created, almost on a daily basis and in order to protect your computer from infestations you must choose a high-quality program and keep it updated but it doesn't matter how much antivirus protection you have when the problem is spyware. Finding a totally free adware remover is not as easy as it may appear, but more later, first we need to look at if you really are infected. What are the Symptoms?

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