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Gator Spyware Removal


Presented like a totally harmless computer program, the malicious spyware adware program known as Gator is also presented as a tool that is helpful. The way Gator is advertised to work, is by remembering your information -- such as user names and passwords to websites you frequently visit, as well as common personal information to help you fill out online forms more accurately in less time than manually entering all the information on each new form.

The way Gator actually works is by attaching its spyware code to your computer system and following you around the Internet while you browse. Seemingly innocuous, this is a high risk spyware that sends your personal information to a third party for them to sell or make use of. If you suspect you have Gator on your system, you will need a program that will aid you in Gator Spyware Removal.

Of course you would need to be aware that Gator has been installed on your system to begin with before you are able to use a Gator Spyware Removal program to clean out your infected files. One of the most common ways people try to rid their systems of spyware and adware is by opening their computer menus and selecting the "add/remove programs" tool. From here, you can -- in theory -- remove any unwanted programs from your computer including Gator.

However, be advised that this is not necessarily the preferred way to remove spyware and adware due to the malicious coding of the software. The writers of such code have created fail-safes where the malware can hide in various files throughout your hard drive and remain in a lingering state across those files -- and files in your registry, too -- making it impossible to remove with a mere click of the mouse in your "add/remove" program file.

It is best to download a legitimate cleaning program from a trusted Internet security company, such as Norton, Symantec and Spy Hunter, to name but a few. These companies have made it their business to protect computer users from such malicious spyware and adware and have perfected software such as Gator Spyware Removal programs in order to achieve those ends.


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